Liz Krmpotich

Liz Krmpotich

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My motto has always been to work hard, and then play even harder. For me, CrossFit is the kind of work that feels like play. I was involved in all kinds of sports growing up and was always game to do anything that involved being outside or moving my body. A friend talked me into trying CrossFit in 2013 and I immediately fell in love. I experienced many positive changes in other aspects of my life resulting from the time I spent working hard inside the gym and I wanted to become a coach so I could help others experience similar transformations. There are few things more fulfilling to me than helping others find strength, confidence and determination they don’t know they possess. I am regularly inspired by the individuals that overcome their fears and insecurities by showing up to class and making daily deposits of sweat, blood and sometimes tears to become a better version of themselves. I love being a coach and I love being part of such a supportive community.

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