Jill Zurcher

Jill Zurcher

Kids Coach

Grace: 1:55 Deadlift: 400 Clean & Jerk: 215


CrossFit Level-1

About Coach

I grew up playing soccer and got into lifting in high school. I was 1 of 4 girls in my weights class at school! I realized I loved lifting and started watching videos of other women lifting- a lot of them were CrossFit athletes. After I finished sports, I tried a couple conventional gyms but was unmotivated and missed the community of working out with a team. I finally went to my first class and never looked back! I knew early on I wanted to coach eventually and make other women feel comfortable and confident around weightlifting and fitness like I had experienced in my first CrossFit class. I started coaching when I was in college and gained a lot of experience coaching people who were new to lifting and fitness in general. I love watching people gain confidence in the gym and learn that they can do hard things!

Growing up in the locker room, I remember the other girls (and sometimes myself) bragging about how little they ate that day. The goal was always to be the skinniest version of yourself- we really believed we would be better athletes if we were smaller! When I started CrossFit, I learned SO much about nutrition and performance. I had a huge attitude shift and learned that the healthiest, happiest version of yourself isn’t necessarily the leanest, skinniest version of you. Not playing the comparison game is still a daily battle but choosing to eat nutritious, whole foods to support my lifestyle has been so much more rewarding.

Motivation & Passion